Meet Peter

Hi my name is Peter Temoche, owner and head chef of Last Call Catering and Cantina Bar 

My Story

Last Call; A name that always brought to my mind late nights and great food. All mixed in with awesome company. The place you go to when you are just not ready to head home. 

 I love those places. Those little hidden spots that are popular with those in the know. Here at Last Call Catering and Cantina Bar, I want to bring that welcoming feeling and friendly atmosphere to you. While serving you up some delicious foods to eat and amazing drinks to try.

I love to cook and I think of cooking like it is an art form. As a kid growing up in the Toronto area, I loved to draw and paint. Sketching was an outlet for me and when I make my food I approach it like I was drawing a picture. I visualize how it will look in my head. My ingredients become my paints, my grill is my canvas. The dish is the final product, the reveal of long hours of prepping and cooking and plating that I show to you.

 I learned to cook by trying food. The more food I tried the more meals i wanted to make. I became a sponge for learning new recipes and techniques. I also gained a lot of weight. But! With age comes learned knowledge and I learned moderation and exercise go hand in hand with constantly trying and tasting various foods. Boxing has become a huge passion of mine and it has helped me to keep the weight down plus provides a very effective stress relief for those days when you just need to vent. 

Finally, my Cantina Bar. A pride and joy in making my place a happy place. Something very special about a Tiki Bar. It’s loud, it’s colourful, the drinks are amazing. I highly recommend trying the Painkiller, it’s my favourite. So grab a seat, order some tasty food and have a few drinks.

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From my kitchen to your table